November 25, 2011

Color The Walls

Christmas is exactly a month away! It has always given me a bittersweet feeling knowing that it is already the end of the year and a new year is going to start. It also means that Clare will be away at Perth for a month or so. I finally got a chance to meet up with them again last night and I found out that both of them are abandoning me here in Singapore. Mervelle will be off at Sweden and Clare will only be back on the 17th. This is a con about Polytechnic. 

Isn't it weird how Sunday is so far from Monday and Monday is so near to Sunday? 

Just a sudden thought. It's finally Friday and all I can say is that this Semester is really "heavy". I feel so drained out as compared to last Semester. Modules in this Semester really worry me, especially 2D Animation and Social Psychology. Should I be worried that this is Week 6 and I have learned almost nothing in Social Psychology. Time to pull up my socks and actually start on some reading. 

Currently waiting for Intro to Computer Graphics class to start and it has been a complete waste so far. If not for the teacher teaching Maya today, I would not have even bothered going to class. Sitting here at Makan Place is actually quite relaxing. Plugging in my headphones, pretending to hear music, I really get to observe a lot of people. Their behavior, how they eat, how they talk. Stalker alert. I can't wait for this day to end so that I can go home and go into Hibernation mode. 
I had a bit of a ranting yesterday on my Twitter and I have one thing to say, Siblings should really learn to mind their own business. It is my Twitter and I am just expressing how I feel, people made me angry but yet somebody just had to go spill it to my parents. Honestly, if you are reading this, MIND YOUR OWN BEESWAX. Enough said. 

On the brightside, Bookfair tonight?