November 02, 2011

Hello November, I know I'm A Day Late

Wait, what happened to October? 

So our DVFX hearing was on Monday and I have to say, NOTHING on the internet is safe anymore. Okay, it wasn't safe to begin with actually, well maybe except for Twitter. You know, we have Facebook, Tumblr, Blogger and Twittter to talk to friends, talk about your day or even talk about how you feel but right now, I'm so afraid to even update my Facebook status let alone use it because it is being watched. Even our blogs are being watched and I think that it is kind of, not right? Okay, I better stop babbling. 

Today's class was Social Psychology and I have to admit, the module is very interesting. Lecture is dry but reading the textbook and letting me think, it's making feel like I'm in secondary school again. For a moment there, I drifted off into my "I Miss IJ" moment. Anyhow, during lecture today, I finally realize how small and 'independent' DVFX is. Independent in a way that we are on our own and almost to a point where I felt like we didn't fit into FMS. I better limit what I say. 

Initially, the class wanted to eat the Xiao Long Bao buffet today but it got postponed so Kelly, Sally, Liza, Kuan Hui and I headed down to West Mall for some Sogurt. MY FIRST TIME AT WEST MALL. Not bad, I discovered something new today. To be honest, I only went to Sogurt to swirl :/ The machine was so different from Yoguru's, the moment I pulled the lever down, the yogurt just came out. Fast. Lol, is that on purpose? The yogurt coming down so fast the customers have no choice but to take whatever amount of Yogurt in the cup. It's hard to stop once it comes out. There I go being all annoying and complaining about Sogurt. I should stop being to bias.

11:09pm. Read my book and hopefully finish the other 3 books before the due date.