December 04, 2011

2 in 1

Yesterday was December 3rd and it was also Qis's birthday. Qistina, one of my best friends throughout Secondary school and she was really there for me especially through my worst days. I finally met up with her after so many months. I also met up with Kah Hui whom I've also not seen in almost a year and Kah Hui is still Kah Hui. My most fond memory of her is from Secondary one when she suddenly lifted me up from the back and I ended up falling flat on my face in front of everybody. Oh Kah Hui. Thanks yeah. Initial plan was to go bowling since Qis has never bowled before but we ended up playing Pool instead. UH YEAH I SUCK AT POOL. Kim was really great at pool though. Hidden talent? Oh yeah, and I also met some new friends :) (all photos taken by Hilary)

Started off the day early by attending church and headed down to Vivo after that. My ulterior motive was to go to Forever 21 so I dragged the whole family there. No more spending for the next month. I promise myself that. No more. Managed to get some new Christmas decoration too, I can't wait for Christmas to arrive! 


I can't get this song out of my head!