December 10, 2011

And The ’90’s Horse Party

It is a Saturday Night and while everyone is out and about, is it weird that I actually enjoy being at home right now watching TV with my family? I guess that is one thing that differentiates me from everyone else. I'm not exactly the type that enjoys going out much, I rather stay cooped up at home doing some lame shit. 

There is one week left to the Christmas break for school. FINALLY. Why does it feel as if the past few months have just gone by way too fast? Just two months ago I was so excited for Christmas and now Christmas is in two weeks. 

Recently, I've been watching New Girl and 2 Broke Girls. Oh, not forgetting How I Met Your Mother. These Sitcoms have really brought me "joy" when I watch the episodes. THANK YOU LIZA for introducing me to 2 Broke Girls.

And that sums up my post.