January 20, 2012

It's Friday, Friday, Friday

I can honestly say that I absolutely do not like Fridays. Animation and Intro To CG in one day is absolutely awful. Class from 10-5 on Friday is absolutely draggy. The fact that it is more of a do-your-own-work kind of lesson? ABSOLUTELY DREADFUL. Don't get me wrong, I like these two modules. I like Intro To CG, but if the class was a wee bit more exciting, I would love it. Gosh, I am so glad it is finally the end of the week. Long weekend + Chinese New Year hello. 

Managed to meet up with Karina, Tessa and Crystal on Wednesday for dinner after what seems like ages. I introduced them to the Curry House which was the same one in Bangkok. I was careful this time and took Level 2. I'll try Level 5. One day. When T and C made fun of my Game Boy iPhone case, which by the way is cool, turns out K was using the red one. GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE KEIM. 

Oh my gosh, 5pm come quick please, my eyes are closing as I am typing this. 

By the way, the family has been considering a dog. What in the world or who in the world managed to change my mother's mind? The irony, she only wants a Golden Retriever and not a Beagle. Mother, Big Dog? Really? She even wants a black cage because it goes well with the patio setting?  

A Beagle or a Cat would do just fine :)