February 01, 2012


February is here, whad up. The past week has been a killer. To my mind, body, and eyes. The weekends were completely taken up by the shooting of my Final Assignment for Location Production which by the way went very smoothly. HAPPYGAL94. The short film is called Meet Her and it is currently in the post production process. As Emilio assigned me to edit ALL BY MYSELF, I am feeling even more stressed about it. On the brightside, I must admit that I love Editing. A lot. Which brings me on to what happened on Sunday Night/Monday Morning.

We finished filming on Sunday and I had dinner with Liza,Kelly and Ervin after that. I reached home by 11pm and I was so shacked out, I was 100% prepared to just knock out on my bed BUT NO. Something happened and I ended up staying up till 5(BLOODY)AM just to edit the Documentary for my 7 Issues group. I WAS NOT A HAPPY KID THAT DAY/NIGHT. So I finally finished at 5am and woke up at 6am to go to school. I felt terrible. Horrible in fact. Monday. The whole DVFX went for an IMAX event which I fell asleep at the start. We ended up watching Journey 2 in IMAX 3D. Josh Hutcherson, you made my day.

Monday evening/night. Still surviving on 1 hour of sleep, I rushed through 3D Art. I actually managed to stay awake all the way till 12 midnight. I also actually enjoy doing 3D Art. A sneak peak at what I am doing. I doubt you can guess who it is.

One more week of school till the holidays. ONE MORE WEEK AND IT IS DONE. YEAR ONE IS DONE. Till then 5 more projects to go. Apart from that, I got to take care of my health too. I am falling sick. I even had an ulcer. The first in three years. WATER WATER WATER. 

Karthik's on my left. Ervin and Ryan on my right. Liza is in front. I'm suppose to be doing a report for Social Psychology. Oops.