February 27, 2012

Peeta: "Because...... Because...... She came here with me."

The past week was pretty much spent with me staying home and waking up at almost 12noon everyday just in time for lunch. I was such a pig. For almost five days in a row, the routine was the same. Wake up -> Lunch -> Television -> Using the laptop -> Dinner -> Using the laptop -> Read -> Sleep. 
I can strike off The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins) from my holiday list because I finished reading in one night. The book was just too good to be put down. To whoever recommended me the book, I must thank you. Even though I hardly read books of this genre, I was surprisingly drawn to the idea of children/teenagers killing one another in the Arena just to win the games. Gale was not mentioned much in this book, but I can already call myself a member of Team Peeta and it is not just because Josh Hutcherson is playing him in the movie adaptation. Through out the whole book, I was imagining him doing whatever Peeta was doing in my mind. 

Katniss. I do not really fancy her for some reason. One reason could be because of how she treats Peeta. Maybe my opinion of her will change as I read Catching Fire and Mockingjay. 

To start off the new week, today was baking day. Liza and Kuan Hui came over and we decided to bake Macaroons. The flavors that were intended were Chocolate Mint, Banana and just a plain Vanilla one. Everything was turning out fine until the last part where we had to lay everything out on the tray. I think we discovered a new recipe or more of like a new type of Macaroons. 
Chocolate Mint
Looking at how weird and horrible yet crispy and tasty it turned out (Nutella solves everything) we decided to make it into 'cupcakes' which turned out so much nicer. 
A good experience trying to make Macaroons but maybe we should have started off with something easier.....Heh, not bad not bad guys!

Week 3 shall be spent:
1. Watching Suburgatory 
2. Watching The Lying Game
3. Watching Community
4. Catching Up On New Girl
5. Reading Catching Fire
6. Cleaning up the mess on my table
7. Being like a pig again.