February 13, 2012

Pish Posh What.

It has begun. The holidays has finally arrived. I am proud to say that I have finished and survived Year One of Polytechnic. I would like to congratulate the whole DVFX course especially to my lovely and awesome class. T1B1 T1A1 forever <3 
11pm at the FMS Courtyard

I survived the last week of school but surprisingly, I still feel as if an assignment is due.
1. 3D Art
2. 2D Animation
3. Social Psychology
4. Location Production
5. Intro to Computer Graphics
ALL DONE. Year One just went past too quickly.

So the holidays are here and I can finally start accomplishing the things I have written down on that long list. To start off day one, I "introduced" Kuan Hui to Bugis Street today and we were both happy with our purchases. I have to admit, I make impulsive buys. It happened today again but I shan't regret. I have no idea why but I was just so attracted to this top. I am not a big fan of Batman but this is just too awesome. 
No? Okay. It's just me then. To end of the day, I had Starbucks with Kuan Hui. Day well spent.
 Valentines Day is tomorrow and I am actually looking forward to dinner.