March 06, 2012

Strike It Off My List

The whole of yesterday was basically spent at Universal Studios Singapore. The virgin trip. Together with Kelly, Sally, Kuan Hui and Zhen Wei, we were the first ones at USS and the last ones to leave. The rain honestly made the rides even more fun and even though USS was so small, I'd never imagine that I would have spent one whole day there. We sat on almost all the rides in USS and we must have walked around it at least thrice. 

The highlights of the place for me was:
1. Lights, Camera, Action (Watched it twice)
2. Transformers ride (Rode it thrice) 
3. The Waterworld show
4. The Monster Rock Musical

I was really amazed by The Transformers ride. The visuals, the technicals, just everything. THUMBS UP THUMBS UP. TO THE TEAM WHO MADE IT POSSIBLE, I HEART YOU.

I was actually anticipating The Mummy ride but it was totally not what I had expected. Sitting it once was enough for me. I went for Cylon immediately after Transformers and The Mummy. Cylon was just....... rough. I love adrenaline rushes, the thrill of it is just awesome but sometimes, I just turn all jelly. I told myself that I won't even bother going for Human but somehow, I ended up going for it. Thank goodness for the rain because according to Kuan Hui and Sally, the speed of Human was actually slowed down. If you ask me, I thought Cylon was actually worse than Human. But, I will never go for it again. Nope. 

Yes, I am a coward. I love to sit these rides but once I'm riding it, I go into Coward mode. 

Overall day well spent. I was impressed by the stage designing, the visuals and all but I don't think I'll be returning to USS. Once is enough.