April 23, 2012


1. Sour Food. I love sour stuff. Green Apples, Sour Power, Sour Plums, I absolutely love love it. No rotten sour food though.
2. Salty Food. Call me weird but I used to eat Nuggets with Salt. Not exactly the healthiest choice and I have since stopped. But I really love to eat Apples with salt. Salted Vegetables, Salted fish, it's just awesome. Huh.
3. I love Vegetables. A lot of people swear by the fact of never to touch Vegetables and honestly, they do not know what they are missing. Vegetables are the best. Broccoli. The best. Ever.
4. No Pork or Beef. I hardly ever touch red meat. I find it really disgusting and it just has such a weird taste. The minced ones are alright but the chunks? Never. I do not like Steaks. Absolutely not. Nuh huh. 
5. Braces and Black Framed Spectacles. Is it weird that I actually like people with braces? Guys with Braces and Black Framed Glasses, *thumbs up*. 
6. Left-Handers. I LOVE LEFT-HANDERS. Do not ask me why, I just find them so mesmerizing. And, coincidence or not, all my Left-Hander friends are all good drawers. Is it in their genes or something?
7. Birthday messages through Social Networking. I find it awfully sad how people have moved on from wishing others "Happy Birthday" personally to wishing through Facebook or Twitter. I admit, when I wish them on Facebook, I feel uncomfortable. Like it is not sincere. If I had the phone numbers, wishes would definitely be done through a call or sms by me. I hope I do not offend anyone.
8. Extremely horrible temper. I have a really really really bad temper. You do not want to see me angry. And when I am angry, I AM REALLY ANGRY. My father says I have dagger eyes, the stare I give when my anger has reached it's highest point is deadly according to him. Come to think of it, I also hit/punch stuff. Huh.
9. Braids. I love braids and that maybe one of the reasons why I am keeping my hair long. My hair is so precious to me, up so to the point I do not dare cut it. Many will not know why I am unwilling to cut my hair, but go ahead, think of something. Think of why I am so afraid to cut it off.
10. I am a cancer survivor.