April 02, 2012

Saxy Shopping Games

On Thursday, I finally managed to catch The Hunger Games with Tessa after much talking about it. I actually got to know the movie before I got to know the book. Before the movie started, Tessa told me that those who read the book would find the movie disappointing but to those who didn't read the book, they would find the movie amazing. I had only just read the book last month so I will not say that I am a big fan of it just yet but I was really looking forward to seeing how the characters would be portrayed in the movie. Tessa was right. When the movie ended, I had to admit that I was slightly disappointed. I felt that many parts were missing and the movie was just..... dry. It wasn't totally disappointing but it wasn't totally amazing. Am I the only one that agrees on this? No? Okay.....
I slept at 5am that night/morning and completely forgot it was a Friday by the time I woke up. 
Dad: "What time are you leaving?"
Me: "Where am I going?"
Dad: "To Jeane's house?"
Me: "Huh, what are you talking? It's Thursday."
Dad: "No... it's Friday."
I completely lost track of time that day and completely forgot about my little cousin. Omph. School needs to start soon. 

On Saturday, Tessa and I decided to head to town to do some shopping. She needed some retail therapy to relieve her of her stress. A Levels is such an evil thing. Shopping alone is really different from shopping with someone else. I'm sorry but I think I really love shopping alone. Heh, but if you need to go again, text me :) 
Which reminds me, Town during the weekends is honestly a horrible place. I hate crowded places let alone the crowd. I think it has something to do with my height. Too many tall people around, I start to feel like I am shrinking or something. 

Yesterday, I met the "old" Saxes for dinner at Bishan. Even though it has been almost 2-3 years since we graduated from Band, I am really glad that we are still able to meet up. They have not changed one bit. Mel, Rui Ann, Maxine and Celine. I am really glad to have such awesome seniors like Rui Ann, Maxine and Celine. Soon, they will be off to University, not to mention Celine going to Australia. Once you meet people like them, it'll be really hard to forget them. And so they say, IJ Friends are Friends For Life. I wish you three all the best of luck and for Melissa, I wish you good luck for your A's :)

School starts in 2 weeks. With the latest updated timetable, I guess I don't have much to complain about. Except on Fridays. Turns out, I will be taking Starting A Business for IS for 4 hours every Friday. BUSINESS. I don't know if I should be happy or sad. My parents are happy to know that their daughter will be taking up business for once and hopefully I can at least enjoy and learn something new. 
Who knows, it may actually help me in the future.