May 31, 2012

Is This What Being Punched Feels Like?

Another week is almost over.
In the past week I.....
✈ Started using Instagram
✈ Received a Scholarship from the Children's Cancer Foundation.
The gift bag came with two Starbucks cards. Yeahhh.
✈ I booked a flight together with my Mother and Sister to Bangkok. We leave next Friday. 
✈ Was very excited to welcome a new member to my family. Meet Buddy.
Buddy is a Shetland Sheepdog.
✈ Stayed up into the wee hours of midnight to complete the modeling of the Mini Cooper S.
Yes, it is not exactly the best but I am happy with my work.
✈ Spent most of the time listening to Cover Songs by YouTubers. 
    These are some of my favourites,
    Charlie Puth: YouTube Page
    Alex Goot: YouTube Page
    Adventures Of Bri: YouTube Page
    Tanner Patrick *THUMBS UP THUMBS UP*: YouTube Page 
✈ Spent almost the whole afternoon yesterday watching 
    EatYourKimchi: YouTube Page
✈ Contemplated on cutting my hair. Hmmmmm.
I am in much need of sleep. It takes my body two days to finally feel the effect of not having sleep for a night. It feels as if I got punched in the eyes, although I've never gotten punched before but I would think this is what it would feel like. Once again, to the rest of my class who I think also stayed up to complete your Car, GO REST AND SLEEP AND BE HEALTHY <3 

The two week break is finally coming. Yes. 

Why do I like to do things in Point Form? I have written too many notes in my life. 
To end off,