May 12, 2012

Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day

I was messaging Kuan Hui and Liza yesterday.

Liza: I'm at a rather boring birthday party.
Kuan Hui: HAHAHAHA. By the way, my birthday is on 27th June.
Liza: What on earth.
Kuan Hui: Just saying. Thick skinned.

And that was how we started talking about birthdays and I realized that in my entire life of 17 years, my birthday was only celebrated by my friends twice. I know I sound arrogant (I can't find the right word) but I truly am disappointed. ARE YOU THINKING THAT I HAVE A BIG EGO NOW? 

I told Liza and Kuan Hui that I was really touched last year when the whole DVFX actually bothered to celebrate my birthday while we were in Bangkok. It was the first time someone smashed a cake into my face. The first time I ate a cake bought by my friends whom I had not even met for a year. I don't want to sound rude to my friends whom I've been with for 10 years though, I understand, birthday's aren't your thing. 

Am I even making sense now? My mind is so blank and I am so tired. My knee is hurting me so badly and I do not even know why. This morning, I just found out that the Shetland my family decided to buy was already sold. My Dad regrets it so much and I have to rush out Maya before the submission in two weeks. 

Where was I? Oh, birthdays.

So Liza and I decided to plan a birthday party for Kuan Hui and we promised her one thing. WE WILL MAKE HER CRY. Yes Kuan Hui, leave it to us.

This post is so messy, I apologise. 
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