May 20, 2012


When I tell people that I attended CHIJ or that I studied in an all girls school for 10 whole years, the reaction I get back would be very mix. "What?! Ten years?!" Hahaha, I suppose now that I think about it, the 10 years did not even feel like 10 years at all. 
Kim showed me this new effect on my DSLR. Mindblown.
Oreo Peppermint. Oopmh. The best.
6 plates of Beef. Tessa ate 6 plates of Beef. Yucccck.
I think the Fiesta itself was disappointing but it was really great to meet all my old teachers and especially my classmates. Jo Teo will forever be Jo Teo. To actually make a group of guys scared and not allowing them to enter IJ, RESPECT. 

Another highlight of the night,
Macs Auntie: Hi girl, what do you want?
Me: Can I have a plain VALINA  ice cream please.... 

Hmmm, so much more that I want to blog about but Maya awaits. If my car actually turns out to be handsome one, I'll post a picture.