September 11, 2012

"Its not always easy, but McFly's here forever."

I absolutely absolutely love McFly and I have been such a big fan of them ever since 2005. From Room on the 3rd Floor up till Above The Noise, I most probably know every single song in all 5 of their albums. McFly is the reason I picked up the guitar and the first song I learned was All About You. If there is a song that I would have to choose as my favorite, it would most definitely be The Heart Never Lies. Taken from their Greatest Hits album, the lyrics to this song is just heartbreaking yet so meaningful. I teared up when I first heard this song and I speak the truth.

This is not me being bias, but all four of them really have talent. I feel like I have 'watched' them grow from young, immature, playful boys to old, mature, serious men. Tom is married now and I hope his children will be as talented as he is. McFly is a band that I hope and pray that I can watch live at least once before I die or heck, I want to watch them a hundred times.
They have just ended their US Shows at The Roxy and I wished I could have been there.

"You Might Say, This Song Is A Virgin"

McFly is a retarded, geeky, playful, talented, amazing, inspiring, loving bunch and I love them. Give them a go.