September 30, 2012

The Last Day of September

Kellin's voice is just unbelievable.

Photos from my lunch with Tessa at the Charlie Brown Cafe at 313 and Vomit & Chocolates. We have started filming it and I am really happy Liza had asked me if I wanted to be part of this project. The script is written entirely by her and I love it even though it's so cheesy. In a good way. 

I have just booked tickets to Seoul for my family and that's where we will be spending our Christmas week. I think I am secretly excited for this trip which my sister and I will have to plan completely on our own. I can finally try out snowboarding although I know I will most probably make a fool out of myself and fall flat on my face. I can already hear the food calling out to me. I can also finally strike a wish off my list and that is to spend Christmas on an airplane. Don't judge.  

The term break will end in 2 weeks + and I'm definitely going to try these two recipes out ---> 
Strawberry Pear Faux
Blueberry Birthday Smoothie

Psss, I'm turning 18 in 2 days.