October 17, 2012

A Berry Latte In This Rain

I did a lot of firsts with my class. I must really thank the people in T1A1 '11 for helping me and making me do things that I don't think I'll ever do if not for them. So thank you, I had a really fun and nice time last Wednesday. It was a good way to start my 18th year.

Semester 2 has just started and I pray that I can survive it for the next few months and even though school has just started, I can't wait for Christmas break because I get to spend it with my family in Seoul.

Also, I went to catch the National Broadway Company and it was just amazing.

Psss, I had a dream last night that my father was reading my blog in front of me and to think I was going to post up something really personal in the next post. I think I will shock you guys.