October 25, 2012

My Week In A Post

1. My family celebrated my father's birthday with a simple dinner at La Pizzaiola and dessert at Wimbly Lu. 

2. On Monday, Liza and I were both in school by 7am for our 9am class only to find out at 8am that class was cancelled. Alandmarohweiphrw. With 7 hours to spare before our next class, we went up to The Attic hoping to catch some sleep but nooooo, it didn't open till 9am. And when it did, we had the whole place to ourselves and a sleep deprived us is a crazy us. Oh and the afternoon class, it only lasted an hour.

3. NO SCHOOL ON TUESDAYS AND WEDNESDAYS. This actually means that in this whole week, I've only had 7 hours of school. I love my timetable. I also received this birthday gift from Liza. Thank you thank you.

4. McFly's new single is out. I cannot express just how much I love this song and the music video. I hope their autobiography arrives soon so I can read it!

It's only Week 2 of school but the pressure of the assignments and projects is already on. 

Oh look, somebody finally decided to get a haircut.