November 17, 2012

Cra, cra, crazy.

We are already half way into November? What, how did time pass so fast? The past two weeks have just been mental and I am so glad that I am already down two assignments. I have been spending my days doing Maya or other school related stuff, I kind of suddenly stopped doing everything else. I have a book that has been left half unread and five other completely unread books. I have missed out on episodes of shows and I don't even remember what I was watching. Time is just passing by way too fast.

At the start of the crazy two weeks, I did however find new blogs and I also ventured into THAT side of Youtube once again and found some new music that I really love.

1. Oana Befort, Her illustrations, designs, crafts, everything is just beautiful. Beau-tiful.

3. Walk The Moon, I heard Anna Sun a while back and I kind of forgot about this band but once again, the sidebar in Youtube worked wonders and brought me back to all these amazing bands.

4. Best Coast, Our Deal, Chloe Moretz! Chloe Moretz! I found a GIF on Tumblr and I had to hunt down just where it was from and it led me to this. Here's another song,

5. Lenka, Everything At Once, This song kept on playing on my tv during the commercial breaks and it got to a point where it was so annoying yet nice, I had to find it. 

6. I. Cannot. Wait. For. This. I read the book a few years back and I loved it. Hopefully the movie will not ruin it. 

7. And I almost forgot, I went for a Threadless event with Liza and it was absolutely tiring and fun. 4 hours wait for a free Threadless printed shirt. Worth it. 

8. The youngest Koh is back after 19 days in China. 

It has started to rain quite heavily and that calls for Green tea + a book which makes it a good Saturday. And hopefully some work will be done tonight. Or tomorrow. Or soon........

Am I missing something out? Oh right,