January 08, 2013

Happy 2013.

I believe I am one week late in saying Happy New Year. So Happy New Year. It's 2013 and I don't think I am particularly happy about it. The last semester of Year 2 is coming to an end, by April I will be in Year 3 and before I know it, graduation. After graduation comes the hope of getting into a University and that adds on so much pressure. I am also really looking forward to the day where I hand in the last assignment of my Poly life and graduate knowing that I will never have to touch ZBrush or Maya again in my entire life.
Birthday boy Karthik. 
Resolutions in 2013? Infinite. There are so many things going on in my mind everyday I can't seem to write them down and not think of other worries immediately. I need to get a 2013 planner soon. So here is to a good 2013 ahead and hopefully certain things will change this year. I must also constantly remind myself that I will turn 19 in 10 months. I am not a small kid anymore and it's time to act like an adult and be an adult. Life.
Don't you wish you could just escape and live somewhere else without needing to
worry about a thing?
Surprisingly, I'm missing Korea.