January 19, 2013

In This Rainy Weather.

The rain has been pouring down since 330 this morning and I am absolutely loving it. 
What's the perfect combination to accompany me through this gloomy and cold afternoon? 

1. Tea. Anything kind of tea especially Green Tea. I love love love Green Tea.

2. Books. I just made a whole new To-Read list of books on top of my previous ones. I never get a chance to complete it every holiday and I wonder why. I have just ordered two books (Both by Rebecca Chance) online and I need to stop. Someone stop me. Please. 

3. A laptop. Movies movies movies! Or maybe some homework. 

4. Boots. I love Hunter Boots so much I wish I could wear it around Singapore during the rainy weather without being judged. I just wish I could wear it without being judged. 

Or you know, you could simply just say,