April 30, 2013


A while back someone wrote on my Tumblr page and left a message that really touched me. I think I know who wrote it but yet I don't know, I just want to say thank you.

Just before the holidays ended, I finally went to the Zoo with Clare and Mervelle. Even though Clare is my cousin, it's funny how we got really close only when we ended up in the same class in P5. These two have been with me even since then and I'm really thankful and blessed that I have friends like them especially through my hard times.

And then Year 3 started. From the start of Week 1, the assignments were already piling in. I really don't know how I managed to survive the previous two years but God just help me survive this last year and I'm done. 

I also met up with the two other people whom I can feel at normal height with. Yes, we three just so happen to be the same height and I love them both. 

On Saturday, my class finally met up for a birthday celebration for Sally. As cheesy as it sounds, I miss my classmates. I may not be very close to them but it does feel weird to not have them here. We met up for Korean BBQ and I probably ate more pork and beef during that dinner than I had in the last few months. We rushed down to Timbre after that to catch the Goodfellas and I was honestly surprised when they played Bad Boy (Listen Here). Confession: It's my favorite song from Big Bang and the acapella version? Even better.

It's only Week 3 but already there are so many things to be done, to be modelled. The truth, I'm afraid. This whole year will path out my future and hopefully into a University. 

There's a public holiday tomorrow and Friday and I've been waiting for it since 3 weeks ago. 5 more weeks to the Term 'break' and 3 more months till Semester Break. I'm already counting down.

By the way, have I mentioned that we learnt about Walt Disney for History of Film and Motion Arts? I love Disney.