April 07, 2013

Nature's Masterpieces.

Within the span of two weeks, I've been called a bitch twice to my face. I would have at least thought that the one calling me that would be a person I would hate a lot. An enemy. I got called a bitch in two separate situations and both were situations where I could not retaliate. I couldn't fight back.

The sad truth of my life. I have no support. What I am doing now and what I want to pursue gives them no hope in me. I won't have a future in this and I should change now was what I was told. Give up and do something completely opposite of what you are doing now was also what I was told. Can you feel the encouragement in that? The support that one wants to hear in her final year in school......

I've talked back before but over time I've just learnt to hold it back. Just listen to what is being said to you and swallow everything you would like to say. Take in all the crap and bullshit that is being trashed at you and prove it wrong when you succeed. 

I really do appreciate and respect all that you have done for me especially during the hard times but you have really disappointed me so much in the recent months. I will do what you have never done and learn from your mistakes so that I will never repeat them. And hey, I may be a bitch and a failure in life for not choosing something like Business but at least I know I will never be like you. 

I admit. I am lonely.