May 29, 2013

Welcome to Year 3, Nicolette.

It is now 2:32am and I can't remember when was the last time I actually slept before 12 midnight. Eye bags begone. Please. This semester of school has been going by so fast, it's hard to believe that it is already Week 7. The entire class has been drowning in weekly assignments and to be honest, I think I have learnt more things in the span of 7 weeks from one teacher than in the whole of Year 2. Truth.

The Backlot assignment has been torturous.
I have modelled The Scarlet hotel and the processing of texturing it has been unnecessarily tedious and I just........... don't see the point. Enough said. History of Film is the only module so far that I look forward to every week. Trippy videos from the early stages of animation, I say somebody has been taking some drugs before picking up the pencil. We also watched a computer animated short film yesterday and I think it completely freaked me out.

Was it just me that got freaked out? Yes? Okay.

Back to work.