December 31, 2014

Singapore - Tokyo

Well shit, it's 2015 in 6 hours. 

I feel like there's so much going on in my head and I want to write it all down right now but I just can't. I can however, write this down first...

2014 has tested me in so many ways. I wasn't prepared to face so many things, I thought I was, I honestly did. This year, I completed my final year project and hence completed a short film together with my group mates called Coudre. I took a short impromptu trip to Seoul together with my sister and before I knew it, graduation came. It was like reality slapped me in the face there and then. I didn't want Poly to end. I didn't want to grow up.

Fast forward months later, I was prepared to pack my bags and leave for University overseas but things didn't go as planned. My relationship with my parents took a turn for the worse during that period and for the first time in my life, I was lost. Completely lost and I found myself ranting and complaining to my friends about my troubles and worries even though I knew they had their own problems. I sincerely thank you, you three were the only ones that could understand my position and how hard it was. 

Fast forward two months later, things settled down for a while, I got a contract job at AVA doing media work and I learned so much from it. I cleared my head during that few months of work and I made decisions. I pray that what I'm going to do next isn't a mistake and I will not regret it. I have contradicted myself so many times this year and people around me are probably confused about my plans but hey guys, I finally made up my mind. 

2014 was literally a roller coasted ride for me but it has taught me a lot. I start 2015 entering a new phase  in life and I pray that it'll be good to me. I pray that my family and friends will stay healthy and safe. I pray for new beginnings. And also, it's time to get a diary. 

So goodbye 2014, hello 2015.