September 25, 2011

Today, would be exactly a month since all 29 of us arrived. To be honest, time really went by really fast and soon before I know it, I'll be saying next week, it's one week till we go back to Singapore.

Last night was really crazy, had dinner with Liza and Kelly at CentralWorld and we really make impulsive decisions. We decided to have dinner at a Japanese Casual Dining restuarant which really cheated us. The bowl was huge but the portion was only like 1/4 of the whole bowl. You should have seened our reactions. PRICELESS. So even though it was already 10pm, we decided to go catch a movie, Abduction. Tickets are pretty much cheaper than Singapore by about S$2 or so. The cinema was really really hugeass. It looked like an auditorium. No joke. So yeah, we cabbed back at around 1am. I was honestly scared for my life especially at that hour.

Today, I was practically a pig. I woke up, ate and watched a movie with them again.... And again, the question we always ask, What's for dinner? Oh, i have homework. I forgot.