October 07, 2011

It's October 7. What??? Two more days and I'm back in Singapore? Can you feel my excitement? I don't even think I can sleep on Saturday night.
This week has been a crazy one so far, I celebrated my 17th birthday on Sunday which lasted till Monday night. The party was sick. Assignments are all due this week, where I've already handed in one.

Another crazy thing was something that happened to my friends WHICH I will talk about when I get back to Singapore. As for what happened in Pattaya, it stays in Pattaya. It stays in us.

I can't believe I have hardly bought any clothes for myself, that is why I'm heading down to Platinum Mall this Saturday. Last minute shopping? I love that idea.  I got to start saving up. I'm going to spend $218 on a concert where I am going to see 2PM. Which means WOOYOUNG. 6 months ago, I hated KPOP. I was making fun at KPOP. I was making fun at all these KPOP Idols. But look where I am now, going crazy over a Korean. See what evil things they can do...

Wooyoung <3 Isn't he just so cute. Ah damn.
But McFly will always be #1.
Goodnight :)