November 09, 2011

birds of the same feather flock together

It has been a month since DVFX returned from Bangkok. It just hit me. I honestly think that we had a lucky escape because if we were to stay longer for a day or two, we would really be in deep ...... shit. The flood in Bangkok is such a tragic disaster. It's kind of weird how the places we went to like Chatuchak, Mo Chit, Chinatown, Grand Palace are all now flooded. It feels as if we were the last group of students to have a taste of Bangkok and it's good food and shopping. The good thing is, we are all back. One note to add on, PEOPLE, DON'T EVACUATE TO PATTAYA CAUSE I HOPE PATTAYA FLOODS AND SINK. Thanks.

Mo Chit


Grand Palace

On another note, we had another lesson on Social Psychology today. The module is pretty interesting even though this is only lesson 3. As usual, lecture was just a complete _____. The things we DVFX do sometimes amaze me and then I wonder, what would happen if they were to come to IJ for lessons....... Not saying that we are bad/naughty or anything. Okay, I'll shut up now. 
Cause somehow I feel that if I were to wear a beanie out of the house in Singapore, people will be like WHUDD.