November 11, 2011

Red and White.

This crazy thought about Humans being almost similar to Wolves has been going through my mind a lot lately. When I mean similar, I mean group of friends compared to wolf packs as an example. When I think about it more, I will try to write out a simple 'essay' on it. 

I am currently having Intro to Computer Graphics class now and it's going to end in 10 minutes. For the past 2 hours, I was doing something which I thought we were suppose to do, until I realized later that what we were supposed to do, I've already done it at home. There's not enough time to touch up on it even though I'm so tempted to with the Wacom available now. Nicolette is hungry.  

So today is 11/11/11. It's actually a big deal to a lot of people but unfortunately I'm not one of them. So if I just simply say that I think it's weird or something, do forgive me for I mean to harm/insult. It's silly how people fight over this whole 11:11 thing. I've said my piece. 


There are suddenly so many things going through my mind now. Sitting on this comfortable chair in this cold room is making me go into my stare-into-space-and-reflect mode. Maybe next time. Or when I'm in a mood where I don't feel like insulting and ranting my problems. 

Lunch awaits.