December 18, 2011

Anthems for a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl

7 more sleeps to go to welcome Christmas into 2011. December this year has passed by tremendously fast. Actually this whole year has passed by tremendously fast. In about two weeks time, we will already be welcoming 2012.

The last week of school was a really hectic one, most of us were rushing to finish 2D Animation and our short film for Location Production. Not to mention the gifts for Secret Santa and for our A1 Class Christmas Party. Thursday started off at 9am and ended off at 6pm where after that, we all went over to The Loft to stay over a night. It was my first time there and it looks exactly like an Ikea showroom....... except there were tons of ants. The party was kind of a success. The Secret Santa went well, 15 of us shared 4 pizzas, we played Monopoly Deal, we went for supper and ended up staying up till 5am. Skyrim however completely took over most of the guys for the first part of the party. 

Friday started off at 8am and I stayed in school till 6pm to finish off my Animation. The Walk Cycle assignment was a big failure for me. Absolutely big big failure. Sally, Kuan Hui, Jovi, Alif and I were the last ones in class together with Erwin who was so kind as to stay back with us too. I am proud to say that I SURVIVED SCHOOL WITH 3 HOURS OF SLEEP. 

Thank you Reyne for this adorable yellow Dumbo!

What a failed class photo.
 Thanks Kuan Hui for the photos, I shall go try and pack for Hong Kong now. 

P.S Michael Bublé's Christmas album sounds amazing :)