December 14, 2011

Dirty Fighting Techniques

Sitting at the back of the Soc Psy Lecture really gives me a good chance to observe people. Really well. From my view, majority of the guys are playing games. Skyrim? In my 16 years of living, this year was the first year that I actually saw or heard of all these games. Thanks A1. The girls on the other hand are on Tumblr and Blogshops. Except for Tricia and Liza whom both are next to me and playing Starcraft. 

Busy busy busy week ahead. 

1. Buy gifts for the Secret Santa mission.
2. Pack for A1's class party tomorrow.
3. Research on places for the Hong Kong trip.
4. Pack for the Hong Kong trip. 
5. Buy a sketchbook for 3D Art.
6. Finish IJ friends presents.

OH GOSH, Kuan Hui and Kelly are watching The Last Exorcism next to me. No way am I watching any Exorcism movies ever again. Especially when it involves my religion. 

To end off, this pictures honestly cracks me up. All the time.
Insert WHORE word.