December 29, 2011

Le school study break is almost over.

Yesterday was my younger brother's 13th birthday and it started off pretty rough but ended well. We ended up having dinner at a restaurant in Novena Square which meant we had to give Fat Cat a miss. Fat Cat is a cafe/shop nearby my house, hidden in all the terraces but is somehow always crowded whenever we drive pass it. That small stretch of shop houses is really like a hidden treasure. Wimbly Lu, Fat Cat, Jules bar are all located there. After dinner, the family decided to have Baskin Robbins. After starting work at Yoguru, Ice Cream did not really appeal to me anymore but Baskin Robbins? Anytime, anywhere. Enough said. 

On Monday, I headed down to the Art Science Museum hoping to go for the Narnia exhibit but instead I ended up going for the Titanic one which was really worth the $24. The artifacts and set was really amazing, not to mention the block of ice inside which was really really cold. Thumbs up.
More on the Hong Kong trip, it was only for 4 days but I think that was enough. The weather there was perfect. Ranging from 11°C-18°C , I was so reluctant to return to this rainy country. I practically walked from Nathan Road all the way down to Prince Edward, all for food and shopping. I went back to the Habour again and it looked completely different from the last time I was there. That day, it was way too hazy to see the buildings so that left me quite disappointed. 

Hong Kong's train system, MTR is really similar to our MRT except they have way too many lines. The people and service is Hong Kong is really ...... weird. To put it in simple terms, and I thought Singapore's service was bad. But that is just the way they are I guess. 

The flight back was really smooth, to my disappointment. I was really hoping for Turbulence! There were 2 on the way there! None the less, I got to see 'snow flakes' :)

Back to Social Psychology. 
Random Thought: Why must people put up their entire Family Holiday Photo Album on the internet? No offense.