June 18, 2012

The Take Over, The Break's Over

I go to sleep feeling worried and I wake up the next morning feeling even more worried. I worry too much. And I complain too much. Most of my friends are all struggling with A Levels approaching and I am struggling with the assignments of 3 modules which is the complete opposite of what they are doing. Sigh. Up till now, even my Mother can still question me why I am not studying for A Levels instead. 

I recently bought a Bamboo Tablet and for the first time in my student life, my mother actually said "GO AND BUY THE MOST EXPENSIVE ONE." I honestly have no idea how people work with Wacoms but for my future sake, I just got to learn to get used to it.


  • Start on animating for Hardware Modeling.
  • Finish up editing Chroma Key for Camera and Light Effects
  • Finish up editing Motion Graphics
  • Come up with an Idea for pitching next Friday
  • Prepare for Stage Production event on the 4th.

I have no idea what I have been doing the past few days. It just went by in a blur. I am losing track of time. 
I need to go shopping. Shopping for candles. Shopping for stationery. For Storybooks, notebooks. Yeap.