August 16, 2012

Damn it, I'm not 18.

This week officially marks the start of the 10 week Semester Holiday.

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. I can finally say that I watched it only after a month that it was released. I am honestly sorry to say this but Batman, you were a total loser in this movie. Bane, you go Bane. I actually teared up towards the end of the movie and yes, I am emotional when it comes to either Animals or Old People. 

Timbre with the fantastic T21 and awesome music by Enigma. DVFX are hungry people. As long as there is food on the table, every one just shuts up and eat. The Buffalo Wings and Platter were gone the moment it was served and the total bill was actually not as bad as I expected. 

We walked around Clarke Quay and I felt so sad because I AM NOT 18 yet. It's so amusing to hear that the moment I turn 18, they are going to bring me to places and corrupt my 'innocent mind'. 

Note to self: GO ON THE REVERSE BUNGEE. If I still dare to. 

All pictures courtesy of Karthik.